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Labiaplasty Doctor in Turkey


Labiaplasty in Antalya, Labiaplasty Clinic in Turkey

A labiaplasty of the labia minora (the smallest inner vaginal lips) treats an enlarged, irregular, or uneven tissue that can sometimes be caused by childbirth, hormonal changes, or just genetics.
Labiaplasty meticulously reshapes and reduces the large, irregular edges of the inner lips of the vagina.
Labiaplasty can be performed in the following situations:
When the vaginal labia minora are very large;
They cause discomfort during sexual intercourse;
They cause discomfort, embarrassment, or low self-esteem.

The question of whether plastic surgery can be performed during the menstrual period  (menstruation period) is at the top of the list of questions asked and pondered by our patients who plan their aesthetic operations with Health and Beauty Travel in Antalya / Turkey.

There is no problem for the plastic surgeon or the hospital service as long as the operation date coincides with the menstrual period and the patient does not have a problem or a clotting problem. What matters here is which plastic surgery the patient will undergo.
If the patient’s plastic surgery involves genital aesthetics, the procedure should be performed after the menstrual period.
  • How long does Labiaplasty takes and how is the post-operation process?

Labioplasty procedure usually takes around 45 minutes – an hour and a half. Especially in those patients with wide lip structure or who need a clitoris correction (hudoplasty), this period may take more than one hour.
  • Who should have a Labiaplasty surgery?

Those who are above the age of 18 and have sagging inner vaginal lips that have become more noticeable and therefore have physicological and functional problems can have labioplasty surgery. It does not matter whether you are a virgin or in menopause to have this surgery.
  • Does Labioplasty damage the hymen?

Labioplasty surgery does not damage the hymen, so the operation can be easily performed to virgin patients. It is also observed that, when applied with the right method, it positively affects sexual pleasure in the postoperative period.
  • Who can be a candidate for a Laser Vaginoplasty?

Tightening the vagina with laser is a suitable option for women who cannot feel the sexual pleasure enough due to the losening of their vaginal canal. However, vaginoplasty operation is a much more suitable alternative for patients with anatomical effects such as postpartum bladder, bowel or uterine prolapse disorders.
  • How tight can the vagina get with Vaginoplasty?

The wider the vaginal canal, the more it will be tighter. Therefore, for example; tightening the vagina in a woman who has never given birth and a woman who has given birth to 5 will be different. With vaginal tightening procedure, the vagina is tightened both internally and externally.
  • What are the most common vaginal surgeries?

The most popular vaginal surgeries are Vaginoplasty for those who would like to have tighter vaginal canal, Labioplasty for those who have sagging inner vaginal lips and would like to eliminate the unwanted appearance, and Mons Pubis surgery for those who would like to reduce the mons pubis area.
  • Can I give vaginal birth after having vaginal tightening procedure?

Yes, it is possible but it is likely that you may need another vaginal tightening procedure. If you have a c-section delivery, then you will not need another session of vaginal tightening.
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Deepithelialization technique: It can be performed under local, regional or general anesthesia.

This technique has the advantage of reducing excess vertical tissue allowing the conservation of the lip flap will also preserve the sensitive and erectile characteristics of the lip.
Linear (Trim) technique: This technique is the most popular. It is done by a longitudinal cut of the lip with the removal of the hyperchromic portion (dark or hyperpigmented) redundant and the approach of the wound by means of absorbable suture.
Wedge or “V” technique: This technique reduces the size and length of the unwanted minor lip through a V incision of the lip tissue, with the following union of the edges by absorbable suture The advantage that the scar goes unnoticed, thus preserving the texture of the longitudinal edge of the lower lip and its appearance.

Vaginal Aesthetics in Turkey:

  • Average Procedure Time: 30 Mins – 1 Hour
  • Recovery Time: 1-2 Weeks
  • Recommended Accommodation: 2 Days

What Is Vaginal Aesthetics?

Vaginal aesthetic surgeries are among the most frequently performed operations among genital aesthetic surgeries. It provides women gains both in terms of function and aesthetics.
How Long Does Vaginal Aesthetic Surgery Take?
Vaginal narrowing surgeries take for an average of 40-45 minutes. It is performed using local anesthesia. 2-3 days after the operation, people can return to their own life.

What Is Vaginoplasty Surgery?

Vaginoplasty operations are an aesthetic operation that ensures the renewal of the vaginal canals and tissues as a result of loss of flexibility of the vagina tissue due to advancing age, births and many similar reasons.

Is There A Possibility Of Complications?

In vaginoplasty, same as all other surgeries minor complications may occur. However, these complications will be very small compared to other operations.

What Is Vaginal Narrowing?

The name of the Vagina Narrowing Operations in the medical language is Vaginoplasty. If the couples are not satisfied with the relationship as a result of the expansion of the vagina over time, these operations are applied.
Beauty is one of the desires of every person, and every woman wants to feel beautiful. Therefore, a woman should know her body and perceive beauty as a whole. These surgeries which are becoming more and more common and popular worldwide recently can be conducted on any woman who is not happy with the way their genital area looks. A part of the sexual problems/complications of women is psychological, while sexuality is also affected by functional and aesthetic concerns. Vaginal Aesthetic procedures include different surgeries and non-surgical options such as vaginoplasty, labiaplasty, labia majoraplasty, clitoral hoodoplasty, perineoplasty, genital bleaching, laser vaginal rejuvenation, laser urinary incontinence treatment, G-shot and cystocele and rectocele repairment which can be performed singly or in different combinations based on the patient’s needs.

Vaginoplasty Antalya / Turkey

The vagina is an internal tube that is approximately 8-9 cm long, is the female body part where coitus occurs, that can stretch and is made of muscle tissue. The muscles surrounding the vagina loosen due to factors like aging, congenital loose vaginal tissue, deliveries, gynecological operations and frequent sexual intercourse, and the vagina might become less tight in time. The vagina can be structurally looser than usual in some female individuals despite having had no deliveries and being at a young age. A loose vagina cannot fully surround and feel the penis. The feeling of pressure on the penis of the sexual partner and the feeling of pressure inside the woman’s vagina created by penetration are reduced in this case. This might lead to problems such as not being able to have an orgasm which is called anorgasmia at the later stages. This might cause serious problems between the sexual partners. Quite pleasant results can be obtained as a result of surgical vaginal tightening, also known as vaginoplasty. The surgery takes around 30-40 minutes. It can be applied through general, spinal or local anesthesia. One month of sexual abstinence is prescribed after the surgery.
Oval technique: the central part of the hypertrophic lips is resected and removed CO2 (carbon dioxide) surgical laser labiaplasty on many occasions using the laser allows to make small reductions or correction of scar defects of a previous surgery even without the need for surgical suturing or the use of fewer stitches suture.

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Genital area surgeries have begun to spread all over the world in a speedy manner in particular in the last 20 years. Among the most frequently carried out surgical operations, labiaplasty (inner and external vaginal lips aesthetics, especially by Barbie vagina appearance),vaginoplasty (vagina tightening up surgery),perineoplasty (removal of the marks left from giving birth) and genital area fat fillings can be mentioned. In addition, vaginal rejuvenation, vagina tightening up without surgery, genital area color lightening, sexual pleasure and orgasm treatments can be done with vaginal laser and radiofrequency applications., Genital Aesthetic in Antalya, Genital aesthetic surgeries are operations which enable restoration of the congenital deformities on vulva-vagina area of women and at birth. 


Although the recovery is not the same in all women, complete healing generally occurs around 6 months later, which is the time when the healing ends completely and the final result can be observed, however small changes can be observed day by day.
Sexual contact should be postponed 40 to 45 days after surgery.

RECOVERY Vaginoplasty

You should rest for about 8 days, lying on the bed or on the sofa with pillow support, and wear light and loose clothing.


Your reason for applying to our Antalya clinic and your personal information will be kept completely confidential within the scope of your legal rights (T.R. Ministry of Health Patient Rights Regulation R.G. 01.08.1998, 23420).
No information about your personal information, illness and treatment is given to other people.