Genital PRP - Genital Aesthetics in Antalya

This is the injection of the plasma content prepared after the person’s own blood is taken to the clitoris in the genital area and the areas including the G spot. In this application known as the O shot, it is possible to increase sexual pleasure and orgasm function. Genital PRP can also be combined with laser and RF. In this manner, the efficiency can be greatly increased. We receive perfect results which increase the life quality of the suitable group of patients. This procedure is done by taking blood from the person’s own arm veins. Obtained blood is centrifuged and dense part of coagulation cells, named as ‘platelets’ (thrombocyte),is separated from plasma. Then, this part is injected into certain areas on the genital region. These platelet cells include many growth factors. In this way, collagen formation and tissue rejuvenation are provided by these cellular mediators. Genital PRP can be applied to vagina or labia majora on the outer genital area, called as ‘vulva’. In this way, tissue repair and rejuvenation are provided. In addition, it is also applied in lichen sclerosus, chronic vulvar dermatitis, vulvar vestibulitis syndrome, painful sexual intercourse, vaginal tightening, incontinence and vaginal dryness treatments. O Shot is applied as an injection to more sensitive parts of the vagina and clitoris area. It is mostly applied to enhance sexual pleasure and to eliminate orgasm problems. Since genital PRP and O Shot are applied with fine-end injections, pain is minimal. Today, thanks to O Shot injections and Genital PRP applications, it has become possible to increase the pleasure in sexual intercourse, to provide or facilitate the function of orgasm and even to treat urinary incontinence problems in women., Genital Aesthetic in Antalya, Genital aesthetic surgeries are operations which enable restoration of the congenital deformities on vulva-vagina area of women and at birth. All Treatments by Op.Dr.Güray Ünlü Genital Aesthetic Doctor in Antalya Clinic, Genital PRP - Genital Aesthetics in Antalya
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