Labiaplasty (Inner or small labia aesthetics)

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Labiaplasty is the most commonly performed operation in genital aesthetic surgeries. It is known as ‘Labia minora reduction’, ‘Labiominoraplasty’, ‘Genital labia aesthetics’ or ‘Labioplasty’.
Labiaplasty  actually refers to the aesthetics of both inner labia and outer labia. However, It  is known as inner (small) labia aesthetic surgery, because inner labia aesthetic surgeries are more widely applied.
Labioplasty is the aesthetic operation of inner labia (lips). Sagged, wrinkled, long, thick and dark-colored lips are incised and aesthetically corrected in inner lip Labiaplasty  operations. In this way, beautiful and symmetric appearance is formed. As a matter of fact, when inner lips are larger than normal, which is called as ‘labial hypertrophy’, it may cause women to have psychological problems, have discomfort during sexual intercourse, feel embarrassment and lack of self-confidence and it also prevents to have healthy partner relation, to wear tight pants, leggings, swimsuits, bikinis and causes women to wet their legs while urinating or make the urination with difficulty.
Labial hypertrophy (inner lip enlargement and sagging) can structurally develop congenitally or after adolescence. It could be genetic. In addition, it can also develop due to frequent scratching, irritations caused by fungal infections, sexual intercourses and connective tissue weakness.
In Labiaplasty in Antalya, it is aimed to reduce interior lips and form aesthetically and functionally better appearance.
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