Perineoplasty operation in Antalya

The region between vaginal entrance and anus is called as ‘perineum’. The perineal area can be deformed due to incisions during delivery (episiotomy) or skin tags and saggings on this area. In some cases, there may be extra skin folds in this area. Perineoplasty operations are performed both for correction of birth stitch marks and for removal of skin excesses in this region. It is usually performed simultaneously with vaginal tightening procedures. Perineoplasty is most commonly performed in women whose birth incisions (episio) are not well-healed, whose perine is enlarged due to infections after delivery or who have excessive perine tear after a tough delivery., Genital Aesthetic in Antalya, Genital aesthetic surgeries are operations which enable restoration of the congenital deformities on vulva-vagina area of women and at birth. All Treatments by Op.Dr.Güray Ünlü Genital Aesthetic Doctor in Antalya Clinic, Perineoplasty operation in Antalya
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