Why is vagina tightening performed?

Vagina tightening operation can be done for many reasons. The most common reasons:
Pleasure in sexual intercourse: As the vagina tissue loosens and becomes wide, problems may occur such as being not able to get pleasure from sexual intercourse. Vaginoplasty-Perineoplasty operation re-tightens loosened and enlarged vagina; as the vagina gets tighter, both women and men get more pleasure from sexual intercourse.
Sounds coming from the vagina during sexual intercourse: Unpleasant sounds which come from the loosened and enlarged vagina during sexual intercourse may be disrupting for concentration. After vaginal tightening operation, these sounds coming from vagina disappear or get minimized.
Reconstruction of bladder and rectal prolapsus (sagging): Genital organ prolapsus cause self-confidence problems in women. In this way, it causes sexual stimulation, libido (sexual desire) and orgasm problems. Bladder and rectal prolapsus can simultaneously be reconstructed during vaginal tightening surgery.
Increase in self-confidence and orgasm: Enlargement in the vagina can make orgasm difficult. The wide structure of vagina entrance and even vaginal gaping (where inside of vagina can be seen externally) can disrupt sexual self-confidence. In the same way, male partners get more pleasure with a narrow vagina.
Frequent vaginal infections: Infection incidence increases in women who have a wide vagina and whose perineum is torn after vaginal delivery.
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