Genital wart treatment with laser

Genital warts and condylomas caused by HPV infections can be treated with the laser under local anesthesia without pain and incision. Surgical incision can be made with the laser in the reduction of inner labia (Labiaplasty).

I have shared the comments and Barbie vagina concept on my website. One of the common problems of many women is the undesired appearance of their genital area. Despite this, many women are hesitant and shy about surgery. In all accurately done surgical applications, patient satisfaction is quite high. After the surgery, many of the patients express their satisfaction and give feedback saying, ‘If I had known it was this easy, I would have had it done much earlier.’ However, genital aesthetic operations are a new branch of medicine and they should always be done by experienced surgeons in Antalya.

Very good aesthetic and functional results are obtained in laser applications applied to the genital area. In our Antalya Genital Aesthetic clinic, carbon dioxide lasers are used. Advantages of genital area laser applications which are spreading all over the world:
  • Does not require operating room conditions,
  • No incision is made,
  • No anesthesia is required,
  • Almost no side effects,
  • Very comfortable healing period,
  • No resting is needed,
  • No painful procedure,
  • Very short duration accepted as ‘Lunchtime’ management.
, Genital Aesthetic in Antalya, Genital aesthetic surgeries are operations which enable restoration of the congenital deformities on vulva-vagina area of women and at birth. All Treatments by Op.Dr.Güray Ünlü Genital Aesthetic Doctor in Antalya Clinic, Genital wart treatment with laser